In the former Canzo spinning mill near Como a screen printing laboratory is still active. Since 1980 Laura Fiume has had her serigraphs printed there under her own supervision throughout all the printing stages. In 1990 Mr Kenzo Kato of Osaka began distributing in Japan paintings and graphic works by Laura Fiume. He also had 24 printing runs of serigraphs on canvas printed by Alberto Seringhelli, one of the most prominent printers in Italy. Ten of them were on the subject of Golf where a dog is depicted while playing in different ways with a ball on the golf course. Laura’s prints derive their special brilliance from the Metaloro paper characterizing most of her serigraphs. In Italy Laura has collaborated with distinguished publishers such as Prospettive d’Arte of Milan, Edizioni Bora of Bologna, and L’incisione of Corbetta, near Milan.