At the opening of her first show-room of Via San Paolo in Milan in 1992 Laura Fiume exhibited her first two chair-sculptures, inspired by the shapes of the fish and carried out by Luigi Ghianda. In the same year Pozzi & Verga firm made the black and white prototypes of Laura Fiume’s fish-chairs whose photos were published in various magazines, and Antonio Ornaghi of Lissone, Milan, carried out three prototypes of the fish-armchair designed by her. Laura’s new shop in Corso Garibaldi, Milan, was completely furnished with pieces designed by her. This shop turned out to be much more suitable than the first one to host furniture of various forms and sizes to be exhibited in its windows in the following years. The many prototypes designed by Laura such as the elephant-wardrobe, the giraffe-library etc., where carried out thanks to the existence of a carpentry shop in the former silk mill. Similarly, her ceramic furniture elements could be made because of the existence of two kilns there. In 2010 Laura made the decorations of the seven chairs by Hannes Wettstein, made by Molteni & C. for a special event at the Flagship Show-room Store Effeti-Molteni in Milan. In 2013 Molteni Arredamenti made the prototypes of Laura Fiume’s Black and White tables.