Laura Fiume’s specially designed fabrics were carried out for the opening of her Milano Show-room in 1992. She wanted them to be adaptable to a wide range of household products such as bedspreads, tablecloths, aprons, kitchen gloves, etc. In 1995 she was chosen as Designer of the Year by Meyer Mayor, the distinguished Swiss company specialising in kitchen and table linen production. Then, following the invitation of architect Pepe Tanzi, she produced a series of printed fabrics for children’s bedrooms which gave her a chance to collaborate with Fede Cheti, a prestigious Italian textile company. In the year 2000 she collaborated with the Kaigai Company of Osaka in designing clothing fabrics and bathroom and toiletries. In 2006, while the L’Arenella Hotel of  Giglio Island was being refurbished, Laura designed the Jaquard printed fabrics for the bedspreads produced by the prestigious firm of Enzo degli Angiuoni. In 2013 the same firm produced the samples of Jaquard fabric tapestries for Laura Fiume. The beautiful fabrics produced by Enzo degli  Angiuoni for the most important furniture companies in the world have been the main source of inspiration of Laura Fiume’s works on fabric since 2006.