The ceramic works designed by Laura Fiume were carried out in the laboratory of the former Canzo silk mill, near Como, between 1985 and 2004 by the same ceramist, Emilio Romani, who had worked with her father during the 1950s. The initial subject of her production was the fish, expressed both in its shape and in its decorative elements. That was followed by a large series of objects inspired by animals as diverse as the cat, the dog, the koala, the cow, the hedgehog, the crocodile, the elephant, and  the giraffe. The first exhibition of Laura’s ceramic works was held at the Work’s II Gallery of Southampton, NY, in 1983. That was followed in 1992 by the opening of the Laura Fiume Show-room in Milan where she was able to put on display the wide range of ceramic objects created every year until 2000. The success of that exhibition space drew the attention of the press which in turn triggered the interest of companies in discovering Laura’s style. As a result several collaborations began such as that with Edilkamin for the frames of their fireplaces, Rosenthal for their homeware, Cellini Deutchland for their coffee cups, and the Kaigai Japanese Group that distributed Laura Fiume’s ceramic works all over Japan.