A Path Between
Art and Design
, 2012
Palazzo Lombardia
Marco Biagi Hall
1st floor, entrance N4
37, Via Melchiorre Gioia


The painting called A Path Between Art and Design was conceived and executed by Laura Fiume for the Marco Biagi Hall (ex The Hall of the 500) at the Lombardy Region Building in December 2012 and set up in January 2013. It is a tribute to the art of design, which is an integral part of the Milano DNA as well as of that of Laura Fiume whose work con be considered a link between art and design. The longest wall of the hall houses a 12 meter long painting, divided into panels of two meters each, where the artist utilizes fabrics of the same base colour with different intensities and textures. In all the 7 works one can recognize quotations from famous elements of design past and present. Different shades of red appear throughout the whole work in order to match with the red chairs in the Hall of the 500. The fabrics were donated by the manufacturer Mr Enzo degli Angiuoni.